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- Patti Bateman Tracey, Author -

Patti Bateman Tracey has dreamed of being an author since she was younger than Josh. Patti is a devoted single Mom to her son Connor, daughter Emma, and her fur-babies Raven (dog), and Abby and Levi (cats). She is hard-working Maryland state employee, a life-long Maryland resident, and enthusiastic Rush fan. Patti hopes you love Josh and his adventures, and is looking forward to hearing from all of Josh's new fans. 



What People Are Saying

Kathy Golden, Reader's Favorite

Barbara Fanson, Reader's Favorite

Lizabeth A. Wyant, from Amazon

Bruce Arrington, Reader's Favorite

Josh's Treehouse: A Captain's Adventure by Patti Bateman Tracey is a 34-page long story about Josh and his first treehouse adventure. When he goes to visit his grandfather, he is shown a brand-new treehouse he can climb and enjoy. And enjoy he does, because wonders await him when he reaches the top. Suddenly, everything around him changes. He is no longer in his grandparents’ backyard, but now he is the captain of a sailing vessel with a mission to save a princess and claim treasure as his reward. The adventure is filled with promise, color, and fertile imagination.

The artwork in the story is filled with detail and color, drawing the reader in. This really helps to move the story along and keep younger readers engaged. The details described in the story, supported by the pictures, make the book a memorable one. There is much to be said about stirring a child’s imagination, and a book like this opens the doors wide. For not only is this treehouse magical, but it also brings about an experience like no other. It brings the promise to the reader that if there is something like this only on the first day, what else is there? Opening a genie bottle? Climbing Mount Everest? The list can go on and on. The author has skillfully opened a portal that children can move through and create their very own adventures. Josh's Treehouse: A Captain's Adventure by Patti Bateman Tracey is a clear winner and I hope that she pens many more adventures for Josh. Highly recommended.

5.0 out of 5 stars

Very charming story

It would be nice if every child had such a chance to enjoy the possibilities of imagination. I do own this book


Barbara Fanson, Reader's Favorite

What an exciting adventure aboard Josh’s Treehouse: A Captain’s Adventure! Outstanding artwork drew me into the book while the interesting story kept me entertained. Children will love the imaginative voyage aboard Josh’s Treehouse. Author Patti Bateman Tracey takes us on a journey involving pirates, a princess, treasure, and a treehouse. Both boys and girls will want to read this new book again and again. Teachers and parents will like the imaginative tale and the action-packed adventure. This wonderful story takes us on a trip that we may never experience again and you can be part of the sailing team. I think public and school libraries would benefit by having this adventure on their shelf.

The awe-inspiring, realistic illustrations fill alternating pages of Josh’s Treehouse: A Captain’s Adventure and help us to visualize the setting, at first a two-level treehouse, and later a pirate ship with blustery skies. The colorful images will draw students into the book while the story keeps them entertained. Will they rescue the princess? Will they defeat the pirates? Will they find the treasure chest filled with gold? Set sail on an excursion by joining the crew of Josh’s Treehouse. Venture into unknown territory and feast your eyes on the prize—a pirate’s treasure. Parents and children will enjoy reading this imaginative journey together or separately. Author Patti Bateman Tracey takes us on a cruise in a treehouse that encourages children to explore imaginative play to transform a treehouse into anything you want it to be. Where can a treehouse, blanket fort, or box take you? I can’t wait to see what other adventures we’ll have in Josh’s Treehouse!

Kathy Golden, Reader's Favorite

Josh’s Tree House: A Captain’s Adventure by Patti Bateman Tracey is the story of a little boy named Josh and his wonderful treehouse built for him by his grandfather. Not long after Josh climbs up into the treehouse, he discovers it is a magical way to enter into grand adventures. This story is colorful with large beautiful illustrations and easy-to-read print. Without a doubt, my favorite image is the treehouse and its setting. There’s such an earthy feel to that image. There’s a telescope visible through one of the windows so that a person can look out and see so far beyond the limitations of the surrounding woods. At the same time, this possibility creates the feeling of not just climbing up into a treehouse and lookout but also climbing up into the world of imagination. When Josh is transported into his adventure upon the sea, again, the illustrations bring the voyage to life. The characters are boldly drawn; their expressions so clear and varied. Hats off to the artist.

In Patti Bateman Tracey’s Josh’s Tree House: A Captain's Adventure, Josh does indeed have a grand adventure, and he is given an opportunity to show courage, compassion and be an unexpected hero in one particular situation. Through his character, the author shows to children of a similar age what it’s like to do the right thing because it’s the right thing to do. She shows them how to rise above the expected, without expecting anything in return except the satisfaction of knowing that they helped people who really needed their help. These lessons and the artwork make this story such an engaging read.

Lizabeth A. Wyant, from Amazon

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